As part of our focus on ventilation equipment, Xtreme Air Control also offers a range of extractor fans that are designed and built to your specifications.

Everybody is familiar with extractor fans these days. They’re an ubiquitous sight in kitchens, restaurants, office buildings, factories and even homes.

They operate on a simple principle of a fan drawing air out of a room, and are frequently used to remove and filter smoke, odours, dust and similar airborne particles.


From commercial kitchen extractors and industrial extractor fans designed to cope with factory needs, we design everything from the fan units themselves to the canopies and ducting that will be most suited to the application for which they’re needed.

Our solutions are custom designed to meet your needs, and one of our consultants will meet with you to inspect the site, and gain a thorough understanding of your requirements. Once your extractor fan solution has been designed an approved, we’ll supply and install it.

Our maintenance plans and emergency call-out crew are available for all our products, including extractor fans, so you can be sure that your extractor will provide service for years to come.

Contact us to find out more about our extractor fans for kitchens, homes, offices and factories. If you need air extracted, we can do it for you.