Xtreme Air Control designs, builds and installs custom cold rooms for commercial, retail, and even residential use. Our experienced Sales Engineers will meet with you to discuss your requirements, and to plan your cold room solution, before we start designing and building the cold room that suits your needs, whether it’s for your shop, your factory, or your home.

Our custom insulation panels make it possible to convert almost any space into a cold room, and our refrigeration units ensure that it’s kept at exactly the right temperature for your needs.


Refrigeration compressors are installed to match the dimensions and requirements of the cold room, our maintenance plan keeps your cold room working problem free, and our 24-hour technical team is always on call for emergencies.

Whether you’re storing fresh food, perishables or beverages, for your restaurant, your coffee shop or your bar, Xtreme Air Control cold rooms will keep it cold, and fresh, for as long as you need it.