In today’s world, it’s becoming ever more important to be energy conscious, and with this in mind, Xtreme Air Control offers a range of environmentally friendly, energy saving air conditioning that will help you to save energy, conserve the environment and keep cool at the same time.


Variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems allow for units to work according to the demand placed on them, using up less electricity, and less refrigerant gas. Find out more about VRF Systems here.


Inverters regulate the speed at which compressors function in order to conserve energy when the temperature is in a pre-defined range. Instead of switching on and off regularly, inverters speed up when the temperature rises, and slow down when it drops. Read more about inverter air conditioning here.


Heat pumps pass warm air through a water filled heat exchange, cooling the ambient temperature of the air that gets piped into rooms or offices. This is becoming an extremely popular form of air conditioning thanks to its energy saving potential, and Eskom is even offering rebates on installations by approved installers. Find more on heat pumps here.


Xtreme Air Control is committed to being environmentally friendly, and ahead of the technology curve when it comes to air conditioning and refrigeration equipment. As a result, the majority of our air conditioning and refrigeration units use 410a refrigerant gas, an ozone friendly refrigerant.

Since 2015, this has been the only refrigerant gas permitted in South Africa, but we’ve been using it for several years already. Another environmentally friendly change that affected air conditioners was the requirement that all air conditioning need to be inverter air conditioning. Something else that we’ve been promoting for some time now.

If you’re interested in saving money and conserving the environment while still staying cool, then contact us today, and speak to one of our consultants.