Freezer Rooms


As part of our refrigeration products, Xtreme Air designs, builds and installs freezer rooms for commercial and industrial uses.

We build freezer rooms for butcheries and restaurants, as well as other commercial clients such as hotels.

Custom designed like all our refrigeration options, freezer rooms will vary in size and specifications based on the specific requirements of your business. Whatever size you need, from walk in freezer rooms to blast chillers for bakeries, we can provide the right solution for you.


From custom insulation panels to custom door sizes and blower units, we’ll put the perfect freezer room together for you. Wherever possible, we source our materials locally to keep costs down, and our consultants carry out site visits in order to understand your requirements correctly.


Like all our products, our freezer rooms have the option of an ongoing maintenance plan to keep your freezer running smoothly. And because a broken freezer can be a disaster for many businesses, we have an emergency technical team on 24 hour standby in case of breakdowns.

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