Inverter Air Conditioning


Inverters are becoming more and more popular as a method of energy conscious cooling. The principle behind the inverter is simple. Instead of running the air conditioning compressor at full power to cool a room down, and then cutting off when the desired temperature is reached, and then back in when the temperature rises, the inverter regulates the speed at which the compressor operates.

The Inverter allows the compressor to start up slow when switched on and speed up slowly to achieve the desired room temperature. This provides a constant volume air flow, and prevents power spikes that occur when switching the compressor on an off on non Inverter air conditioning, giving considerable energy savings, which is always a factor when purchasing an air conditioning.


As well as reducing the amount of power necessary to maintain a set temperature, the inverter also makes use of the latest 410a refrigerant gas, an ozone friendly refrigerant that is becoming the standard in the air conditioning industry.

Instead of starting and stopping continuously, the inverter air conditioning simply slows down, reducing power usage, when the load reduces, and speeds up again when it’s necessary to reduce the temperature further. This is a great air conditioning option for both the energy conscious, and the environmentally conscious.